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If You Know AdPlexity, You Know We've Been Doing This for a Long Time...

If you’re involved in the affiliate marketing industry, you may already know about AdPlexity - a suite of leading intelligence tools for monitoring ad campaigns running on Mobile, Native, Push and Desktop traffic.

But did you know that AdPlexity provides the best-in-class tool for researching the hottest-selling eCommerce products? If not, this guide is definitely for you.


One Thing is Certain,

You're Going to Waste Money Trying to Find Great Products For Your Store – In Fact, It's Nearly Impossible in 2020 to Pinpoint The Hottest Products to Put in Your Store...

First of all, let’s talk about the pain that just about every Ecommerce marketer is faced with. Whether you’re in dropshipping, affiliate marketing, or own an online store, you know how hard it is to track down the hottest products before they go viral or burn out. In other words – what should you be selling? What products are in demand right now – from more niche ones to general consumer goods?

There are billions of different kinds of products on offer at the most popular platforms like Alibaba and Amazon. So how do you choose the right ones for your eCom business? You need to stay on trend from one day to the next, and keep track of the competition. Otherwise, you’re guaranteed to lose a lot of money running unsuccessful ads and testing dozens of random products.

Stop Wasting Money on the Wrong Products

But you shouldn’t feel like you’re gambling. If you want to make a profit, you need to stop wasting time and money on bad products. Imagine being able to jump straight onto trending new products before your competitors do - that’s exactly what AdPlexity Ecommerce lets you do.

AdPlexity Ecommerce is the most powerful winning product research tool available today. It’s an absolute game changer, giving you everything you need to find the hottest products for your dropshipping or online sales business.

It lets you:

Find the hottest products for your specific niche
Spy on successful Shopify stores
See the most popular apps
Monitor FB ads
And much, much more

Who Is It For?


An online store


Work in dropshipping
or a COD business


Run affiliate

With 200,000 Stores and 300 Million Products It's No Wonder We're the Biggest in the Industry

Building gigantic databases and neatly organizing them is our specialty. What you get is an eye-opening interface that lets you find hot products with as little as 1 or 2 clicks.

You can access data from over 200,000 Shopify stores, constantly monitored in real-time by AdPlexity Ecommerce

Around 300 MILLION products are available to you! It’s more than any similar eCommerce tool currently on the market!

Crucially, all the data comes from real users and updated in real-time. No other competing tool offers that.

AdPlexity Ecommerce covers almost every product category. It doesn’t matter what your niche is, you’re sure to gain some valuable insights by using it.

The user interface is actually very simple to use. You don’t need any special skills - the right products and stores can be found in just a few clicks.

The default price for AdPlexity Ecommerce is $199 per month. To get it for only $149, use discount code “FB25”.

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So How Does It Work?

There are several search options available, letting you search by products, stores and apps

You can search for products by Keywords in product title, description or both.

On the left side you can see advanced filters that let you find the data you’re looking for. Here you can search by dates, store, period when products have been added to the store, price, category, strength interval, fulfillment company and any related Facebook promotions.


You can save products and stores to favorites, making it easy to keep track of the data most relevant to your business.

You can also sort products by Product strength, Last seen, Last added, and Ascending or Descending price.

Every product brick includes some basic information – product name, store, price, performance and strength ratings.


What Is the Product Strength Rating?

When it comes to product success, you need precise information you can rely on. AdPlexity Ecommerce offers a unique feature – a product strength rating that lets you immediately know a product’s success, based on performance and user engagement. It’s simple way of telling you how many traffic and sales a product has had. In most cases, the higher the rating the better. Product strength is not an absolute number, but rather an indicator of a product’s success. And don’t forget that this value is based on data from real users, calculated in real-time and based on real numbers. It’s an accurate assessment of a product, and you can use it to make informed decisions.

Available Product Details

AdPlexity gives you powerful insights on every product in the database. These include description, original and current prices, a link to the store and date when the product was added, its category and the fulfillment company. You can also check related to the product Facebook promotions, and see these ads in the Facebook ad library.

The Product strength chart gives you an immediate overview of any product’s trend. It lets you quickly work out which products are on the way up or down. At the bottom you can also find historical price changes, latest products from this store and similar products. The Notifications feature lets you know when a product’s price changes.

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Spy on Competitor Stores


AdPlexity Ecommerce currently works with Shopify, letting you search a massive database of stores.

By default, stores are sorted by Most promoted in the Find stores tab. Sorting by Last seen and Last added is also possible.

To find the store you are looking for, just type in its name or use the filters on the left side – Promoted within, Store strength, New products added, Has products with keywords, By product category, and more.

Store strength rating is calculated in a similar way to the Product strength one. You can find it right on every Store brick. You can also find some brief information about the store – number of products, the cheapest and the most expensive ones, and when the last product was added.


Available Store Details

Detailed store information includes description, links to the store and its social media, currency, number of products, average price, Shopify apps used, store categories, and more.

The block with Products launched by day gives you information on store activity. You can enable notifications if you want to know if a store has added a new product. It’s ideal for spying on successful stores similar to your own.

How Do I Identify a Successful Product?

There’s no one specific way to find the hottest products. It all depends on your niche, and a number of other factors. Whenever you look for a hot new product, you’re going to need to try and understand and predict the target audience. And for the best results, you’re going to need to think outside the box to get a headstart on your competition.


But the following are some basic techniques for AdPlexity that can let you start using the potential of this unique intelligence tool:

We recommend you apply the Promoted on Facebook filter, then sort By best performing or By product strength. Check the product strength chart for every product. This can give you insights on the current trend of a certain product.


Also take a look at price changes. If you see the price has been raised 2-3 times it means this product has been tested and definitely works for them - they’re now looking to get a better margin.


Pay attention to products with a strength of more than 100. It means they’ve got a good amount of traffic and sales. Products added to the store recently (7 days ago for example) and which already have a high good product strength rating are also a good choice. You should focus on products promoted within 1-2 weeks, and added to the store no more 2-3 weeks ago - they’ll be the freshest items on the market.


Check out your competitors’ websites and FB pages. Just by looking at their FB page, you can quickly understand how serious they are, how many people are involved, what other products there’re promoting, GEO targeting, how many ads they run, and user engagement (comments, shares, likes). If the numbers are high, they are definitely investing a lot in advertising. You can set alerts on AdPlexity and get notifications whenever your competitors add new products to their store.


If a product is really saturated, with loads of results, you probably won’t succeed with it. However, this can depend on location - a product might be saturated in the US but the next success story in other countries (in Europe or Tier2, Tier3 countries). This is especially true of seasonal products. You can check last year’s data on AdPlexity and see what was popular - analyse these products and trends, and run tests on different GEOs to get a complete picture.


One more trick we recommend: take short link (used very often in FB promotions) and add “+” and you’ll see a daily chart with the amount of clicks received. Based on this information, you can easily make a few calculations – if they have at least a 1% conversion rate for the product, you can work out the number of items sold. Knowing its price, you can calculate the revenue they are bringing in. Then go to Aliexpress or Amazon, search for the product, and check its actual price and delivery costs. You now have all the data you need to calculate their margins.


AdPlexity Ecommerce has massive advantages over any similar tools on the market. Not only visit completely user-friendly, with a wide range of different filters designed to take you straight to the most crucial data. It also gives you access to a bigger database than any similar intelligence tool. And their unique product/store strength information makes it the matter of afew seconds to get info on the hottest products and most successful stores.

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